Tips for the exterior decoration of homes and outdoor furniture

 Prepare Decoration It is an important foundation of the foundations of the house as it gives a beautiful shape to the facade of the house by choosing the best designs, colors and furniture with the addition of some magical touches and some things must be taken into account when choosing decoration such as solidity, durability, colors and other things that give the place a beautiful and elegant look for relaxation, which gives psychological comfort to the user of the place outdoor furniture .

ideas outdoor decoration for home


1- Arranging the furniture

Arrangement of furniture is very important, taking into account leaving space for movement, and it is preferable to arrange tables, chairs, and some of the furniture that is used outside the home.

2- Drawers for storage

Drawer furniture can be placed in the house of the house to take advantage of the space to put some things.

3- Incorporate some sofas for seating

It can put more than one type of seating, such as cement sofas, wooden sofas, and marble sofas, a beautiful consistency for the home.

4- A table for growing plants

It is also possible to set a table on which a coffee or tea tray is placed, and the lower part contains some different plants.

4- A table for garden tools

Instead of storing garden tools at home, you can put a table to store garden tools.

5- The balcony

The balcony is the most beautiful place in the house because of its modern and beautiful decor. The balcony can be converted into a place to sit or do some sports.

6- A TV screen

A TV screen can be placed in the seating area, suitable for the space of the place, for more entertainment and excitement.

7- Leather furniture

Leather furniture is used in areas where there is sunlight as it can withstand all natural factors such as rain, dust and sunlight.

8- An external fire stove

The stove is used in the house to keep warm from the winter weather and the rain-laden winds.

9- Hardwood:

Solid wood is used to decorate the exterior doors, and it is widespread to use the dark antique brown color, taking into account the furniture around it.


The best ways to decorate the home with gypsum


In the recent period, several ways have appeared to decorate with gypsum board, which is a gypsum board that is placed in the living rooms and ceilings of the house, in addition to placing it in the bathroom and kitchen to give a beautiful shape. There are many types of gypsum, there are only three types and they differ in prices, which are:

1- Gypsum board against fire

Gypsum withstands high temperatures and gives rooms a wonderful design look, and it is not suitable for bathrooms and kitchens.

2- Fireproof gypsum board and wet weather:

This type of gypsum withstands all temperatures, so it is considered the best type of gypsum and the highest price in the market, and it is used to decorate bathrooms and kitchens.

3- Regular gypsum board:

It is used to decorate bedrooms, guest rooms and children's rooms. It tolerates medium humidity and is not suitable for decorating the bathroom and kitchen.


Criteria for choosing the exterior decoration of homes


Some criteria must be followed to implement the required design, namely:

1- Scale and proportion:

It is the relationship between the size of the decoration and the space around it, and proportionality gives the place an elegant look

2- Unit: 

It is the basic principle in order to combine the other elements used with the principles of design in order to give a beautiful appearance as if it were a single image.

3- Colors:

Colors are very important for design because they control the final look of the decor, and they must be consistent and calm as well.


exterior decoration


exterior decoration andoutdoor furniture It is one of the best decorations because it is not concerned with the design of furniture only, but rather it includes colors and taking into account the space in which the decor is placed, for relaxation that gives psychological comfort to the user of the place.