Restaurant and cafe furniture for sale in Egypt

Restaurant and cafe furniture for sale in Egypt


The furniture that you use in your restaurant or cafe is the most important thing in the appearance of the cafe and restaurant, the most important element of attracting the customer to your restaurant or cafe, so you must choose the furniture carefully and carefully in order to ensure comfort for your customers, and if they find their comfort they are used to the place, But before choosing your furniture, you must first know the types of furniture used in restaurants and cafes, so if you want to know, follow this article with us to the end so that you can choose the best thing. Furniture for cafes and restaurants .

Types and shapes of restaurant chairs

There are many and different types of furniture used in cafes and restaurants, where the furniture in restaurants or cafes consists of tables and chairs, so we offer you the best types of chairs that you can use in your cafe or restaurant

The best types of restaurant and cafe chairs

  • Chair made of genuine leather.
  • Chairs made entirely of wood.
  • Chairs made of wood covered with a layer of sponge.
  • Plastic chairs.
  •  Backless plastic chairs.
  • Wooden chairs with metal legs of various colors and shapes.
  • Velvet chairs.
  • Luxurious leather chair.



As we mentioned previously, the appearance of your restaurant appears through the furniture in it, and after we got to know the types of chairs used in cafes and restaurants, you must choose a comfortable chair of a suitable size, here is how to choose the appropriate chair

The appropriate size of restaurant chairs


The size of chairs suitable for use in cafes and restaurants The seat height of the chair must be between 40 and 45 centimeters from the ground, the length of the chair must be approximately 50 centimeters and its width approximately 40 centimeters, and the back height must be between 85 and 95 centimeters from the Earth's surface.

After getting to know the types of chairs that you can use in your restaurant and café, and knowing the appropriate chair size for the restaurant or café, we offer some advice to choose the best chair for your restaurant and café.



Tips for choosing the best restaurant or cafe chairs


  • The first and most important element of furniture used in cafes and restaurants is the element of comfort, as you must choose a chair that provides comfort for the customer to sit for a longer period in your cafe or restaurant.
  •  Chairs must be made of high-quality materials that are not easily affected by dust, food and drinks.
  • The chairs should be of high durability in order to bear heavy weights without being affected.
  • Choosing the design and colors of the chairs commensurate with the décor and interior design of your site in order to achieve consistency and harmony between the colors in order to show a good, attractive and tidy general appearance.
  • Choosing a chair, its back should have a slight inward curve in order to provide greater comfort.
  • It is preferable to choose a chair with two armrests and a neckrest in order to get more comfort.
  •  Choose fabrics that are easy to clean and easy to disassemble and install. It is preferable that the fabrics be of dark colors so that they are not easily affected.



Finally, you have learned about the furniture that can be used in your restaurant or cafe, and you have learned about the raw materials from which the chairs are made and the types used in restaurants and cafes. By providing some advice to you to get the best and most suitable choice for you.