Oscar Ratan is an organization in the Arab Republic of Egypt specialized in the design and manufacture of furniture and exterior decoration, as it derived its designs by mixing the distinguished Arab history in design with contemporary designs, as it created a group of unique and distinctive products that are characterized by...
Oscar Ratan was initially dependent on some of the ideas of young designers, which encouraged them for a period of 10 years and provided them with all possible possibilities to achieve their dreams in design and display their products to everyone until it established in 2019 the first and largest factory serving designers of outdoor furniture and decorations in Qalyubia Governorate. .
Oscar Ratan was on time and began to enter the Egyptian and Arab markets strongly, but with the Corona pandemic invading the country, Oscar Ratan stopped somewhat in front of this difficult challenge, but this pause was the reason for the huge launch and the attempt to enter the markets. This pandemic was not an obstacle, but rather encouraged Its designers work, design and produce the best and finest types of outdoor furniture.
And now Oscar Rattan has become the largest manufacturer and supplier of outdoor furniture products such as (rattan furniture - rope furniture - mesh furniture - wooden furniture ....), which gives a unique beauty to gardens and villas 
And green spaces and tourist villages, as we specialize in furnishing hotels, tourist villages and palaces with the best types of products, as we use the best imported raw materials in manufacturing.
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Oscar Ratan established a showroom in Nasr City, Cairo (location directions from here ) So that customers can see the products on the ground or customers can choose their own design and Oscar Ratan implementation in a short period of time ....

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