What distinguishes Oscar Rattan as a site for selling outdoor furniture and decorative products is that it is the largest manufacturer and supplier of all the products offered. Oscar Rattan has an official headquarters, not just a multi-dealer website, and it is available for any merchant to register on it like other sites, which makes dealing easy for the customer and gives quality products. It is different from any other website. The products offered are all made of high-quality materials, and we guarantee this to the customer. But the question remains: Can you return the products after purchasing them?? The answer is yes, but only in the following cases:


1- If there is a difference in the form or description of the displayed product, because we guarantee that the products will be delivered in the same form as the displayed images, because 99% of the displayed images are real. “Visit our store now"

2- If there is a difference in the color of the product, or a color not shown was delivered.

3- If the product is not identical in principle or a product different from the required product.

4- If the product was received in a size or dimensions other than those written on the site.

5- If the product is damaged or if manufacturing defects appear.

6- If there are missing parts in the product (and these parts can be requested instead of returning)



Return terms with Oscar Ratan:-

1- 3 days must not pass since the receipt of the application.
2- The return must be for one of the previous reasons.
3- If the reason for the return is to change the customer’s mind and not for the reasons mentioned, then the shipping will be at the customer’s expense and the amount will be returned to the customer, minus 15%  of the value of administrative expenses from the total invoice.
4-If the reason for the return is a change in the customer’s opinion and the original order is modified, 35% of the value of the total order will be deducted. This is because it was executed specifically for the customer and this will cause a loss to the factory.
5- If payment is made on the website by credit card, the money will be returned to the customer’s account within a maximum of 14 working days.

Our return policy is consistent with the Consumer Protection Policy.


Recovery steps with Oscar Ratan:-

1- You can communicate through a page call us
2- Or send an email directly to sales@oscarrattan.com
3- Communicate via Facebook or WhatsApp for Oscar Ratan