Pergolas for sale in Egypt

 In this article, we will learn about pergolas Their forms, types, and the difference between the different types of pergolas, and getting to know the different types of raw material from which the pergolas are made, we will also learn about the advantages and disadvantages of pergolas, the specifications of good pergolas, and how to choose the right pergola for you, so if you want to buy a pergola soon, follow this article with us So that you can choose the best pergolas.


Definition of pergolas

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A pergola is a corner or roof that can be built in a corner of the villa or in a corner of the outdoor garden of the house. Pergolas are used for protection from intense sunlight and protection from rain. They are used for calm, rest and relaxation sessions after a long day, or they are used in tea and coffee sessions. And reading and meditation, and it is characterized by its new, different and multiple forms in order to suit all tastes and all designs.

Types of pergolas


There are many different types of pergolas, here are the most important ones

  •  Wooden pergolas
  • Iron pergolas
  • Pergolas made of palm trees
  • Pergolas made of fabrics
  • Aluminum bars
  • PVC pergolas


The difference between the multiple types of pergolas


  1. Wooden pergolas It is characterized by a high shade ratio and a large degree of reflection of the sun. It is resistant to rain, sun, moisture and decay, and is characterized by its different attractive colors.
  2. Metal pergolas Which is preferred by many people because it has high hardness and durability, but unfortunately this type of pergolas is exposed to rust quickly, which leads to its destruction, so if you want to buy a metal pergola, you have to buy a good insulator that provides it with good resistance to sunlight and rain water so that it does not rust.
  3. PVC pergolas are high-quality pergolas that are preferred for use in public places, open spaces, and parks, but their prices are high, as they guarantee you high quality, high durability, and rust resistance.


The average price of pergolas


Different Pergolas prices Depending on the nature of the raw material from which the pergolas are made, and on its shape and design, so if you intend to contract with a company that manufactures pergolas, you must first agree on the prices in order to know whether these prices suit you or not, where you can communicate with the specialized company through customer service, for example, or communication With them through their official accounts on social networking sites or by knowing their number from Google and calling them.

 Wooden furniture

Installation of wooden pergolas


  1. First, you have to take the appropriate size and inspect the place where you want to put the pergola. You use metal pallets to install the structure of the pergola in the ground.
  2. Iron pallets are used from the inside and outside to secure the four pillars located in the four corners of the pergola, as they are fixed to the ground.
  3. After installing the structure and fixing it well in the ground, the roof of the pergolas is installed and prepared so that it can be used.
  4. A beam is installed in the wall in order to ensure a stronger and greater stability of the pergola on the ground and the wall, and this is safe for you.
  5. She paints the pergolas and completely insulates them so that she can protect them from sunlight and rain, and protect them from corrosion and rust, and so that their color does not fade or change.

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