Tips for choosing home entrance lighting decorations

Lighting the entrance to the house creates a positive impression for your home, because lighting in the house is one of the most important things that draws attention when entering the house, so Oscar Ratan offers you tips about lighting decorations for the entrance of the house.

Tips for choosing home entrance lighting decorations

Tips for choosing home entrance lighting decorations 


There are many tips when choosing lighting decorations for the entrance of the house, including:

  • Cleaning and maintenance

You should choose lighting tools that are easy to clean, and experts advise choosing metal lighting.

  • Lighting power

Some people care about the general appearance of the lighting without regard to the amount of lighting and the space, so if the area of ​​the entrance to the house is large, you will need additional lamps.

  • Lighting reflects your personality and taste

Everything in the house reflects your personality and taste, so the lighting gives you a positive impression on the rest of the house.

  • appropriate height

When installing lighting, the door must be low, to the extent that the door hits it when it is opened, so the appropriate height must be taken into account so that people do not collide while walking.


Entrance lighting ideas

There are many ideas about lighting the entrance to the house, and among these ideas:

  • Corridor lighting

Corridor lighting is important, and the best way to place spotlights installed on the edge of the corridor or under the planting basin.

  • Modern entrance

The entrance to the house was not completed except by placing lighting on the wall, as well as in the bedroom, so the same lighting must be chosen on the other floors.

  • indirect lighting

There is no doubt that the combination of direct lighting and indirect lighting creates a unique design, so some lighting must be placed on the walls and on the floor.

  • Stair lighting

Staircase lighting combines maintaining the safety of those who go up and down the stairs, and distinctive decor, so install the lighting in the walls adjacent to the stairs.

  • Simple lighting

Spotlights installed on the wooden door, and the other side of the stairs can be placed to get an elegant entrance.


Lighting devices are among the important elements in the entrance of the house, so they must be well thought out according to the size of the space. If the lighting is dim, it will make you feel uncomfortable and uncomfortable.


Home lighting decorations

Lighting is one of the decorative elements that the home decor cannot be complete without. Candlesticks are an interesting pattern for lighting the streets because they give elegance and lighting to the house, and the large roads need pendants, which are ideal things for simple life.


Forms of lighting corridors in the house

  • wall lamps

These lamps are used in wide corridors, and are distributed according to the length of the wall.

  • Ground lighting

Floor lighting has become one of the modern forms used in modern interior decorations that make lighting emanate from the ground.

  • Spots

It is a form of corridor lighting and is characterized by low ceilings. It is also an ideal solution to the problem of emptiness, as there are now many different shapes and different colors.


Lighting decorations for the entrance of the house is one of the most important decorations for the entrance of the house, because it is the front of the house, so attention must be paid to it as it attracts the attention of visitors, if you want to get home lighting decorations, all you have to do is contact Oscar Better to see the types of lighting decorations.