Hydraulic bar chair

It is considered Hydraulic bar chair One of the important pieces of furniture, if you are about to get married or you want to renew your old home furniture, all you have to do is visit the Oscar Rattan store and get the best chair through the store.


It is considered Hydraulic bar chair It has become the most searched by the owners of cafes and coffee shops, as many women are now looking for it when furnishing the house and the modern kitchen, because it gives the kitchen an attractive and eye-catching shape.

 Hydraulic bar stools

Prepare Bar chair Which is based on a stainless nickel metal base, from which a nickel column departs, which is a slender column that is designed with the possibility of rising and falling, and this column contains a footrest that comes out in the form of two-thirds of a circle, streamlined and strong, to rest the users’ feet.


Perhaps one of the most important specifications of hydraulic bar stools is the most widespread, due to its simplicity, in addition to its economical prices and made of iron, as it is simple in design, as it does not contain a movable base, and it is not adjustable in height, in addition to that it is chairs that do not contain a base Padded on four legs supported by a circular base to increase the chair's sturdiness.


Bar stools for the kitchen

Bar chairs The kitchen chair is of high quality and designed with elegant and modern designs made of the finest materials of fabric and wood. This chair is available in black, yellow, green, gray and brown colors in different sizes, so that it can be used in homes, hotels and restaurants.


Bar chairs 

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Modern bar chairs

This chair is one of the most important types of chairs that are in high demand because of its distinctive shape and gives the place a wonderful aesthetic touch and distinctive decor.


A modern bar stool equipped with hydraulics, so that you can raise or lower the chair, in addition to decorating the place in a different way, and it is made of various materials such as:

  • sponge soft.
  • Plush Hummer cloth.
  • Stainless Steel.


Features of wood bar stools

Hydraulic bar stools have many specifications including:

  • The chairs are sturdy and durable.
  • It gives you comfort when sitting.
  • Bar chairs are distinguished by their cheap prices that suit all customers.


Bar stool prices

Of course, bar stool prices may vary depending on a number of factors, including:

  • The material from which the chair is made.
  • The price varies according to the place of purchase, because of course the purchase price varies from one place to another.


Bar chairs are no longer restricted to bars only, but are now found in any home, restaurant or cafe, as they are a valuable piece of furniture and add a beautiful and attractive view to the place.


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