Buying a coffee table in Egypt

Coffee table You need it in the living room, where it has many uses, such as placing coffee on it, placing the TV remote, as well as placing some tools on it while sitting, so search the Oscar Ratan store for the best types of tables.


How to choose the right table


There are many things that must be taken into account in choosing the appropriate coffee table, as it is the focal point in the living room, so you must choose a coffee table suitable for your space, as it is a delicate balancing process, and it must be suitable with the size and space of the place, so when choosing A coffee table should consider the following:

  • Determine the shape of your table

You must first know the length and width of the table, and then choose the ideal shape for the table, as it is available in many different shapes such as square, rectangular, round, and oval.

  • correct height

The correct height of the coffee table is essential from a functional point of view to ensure a comfortable feel in the room, and it is also necessary to have a table that is higher or lower than the sofa cushions.

  • Pay attention to materials and ores

When you buy a coffee table, you must pay attention to the material the table is made of, as well as the material, as tables made of marble and metal are traditionally appropriate in the room.


Choosing a coffee table is one of the most important decisions related to decoration. You have to make some decisions, including the length, width, and height of the table. It must be of the correct size and proportions with the area of ​​the living room and all the contents in it.

Shapes of a coffee table


There are many forms of a coffee table, as there are several forms, and they are:

  • Rectangular coffee tables

This shape provides modern room decoration with its sharp edges and ample storage space.

  • Square coffee tables

The living room gives an attractive and wonderful look, and it is more practical and widespread, and it has storage spaces on the inside.

  • Round coffee tables

Families like to gather over coffee or tea, so get a circular table so everyone can see each other while eating or drinking coffee.

  • Oval coffee tables

This type of table is one of the best types, as it works a balance between form and function, and it also enhances movement and provides plenty of space for storing items on the surface.


Coffee table materials


It is necessary to know the types of coffee tables, so we offer you the types of materials for coffee tables:

  • backgammon glass 

The glass table helps to show off your room's decor because it gives the sofa the opportunity to show from behind it.

  • Raw coffee table

A raw coffee table is one of the most popular types. If you want to change its place from time to time, it must have ground wheels for easy movement.

  • Metal coffee table

A metal coffee table adds a modern touch to the living room. If your house is full of wood, you can buy a metal table to become a wonderful complement to the decor.


If you are looking for the best coffee table, all you have to do is visit the Oscar Ratan store, where it offers the best types of tables at the best and cheapest prices that are within reach of all customers. Choose the right table for you and your home space.