What is rattan furniture?

What is it Rattan furniture ؟


Rattan furniture is one of the finest and best types of furniture, and it has gained great demand in the Egyptian market, due to its different material and shape. It has now become one of the most important basics of home and villa decorations. Several forms of rattan are made such as swings and a set of 4 chairs and a table.

Sets of rattan and bamboo furniture 


Al-Ratan offers you garden furniture, which is one of the most important things and for every customer who owns a large space inside his home, where the private outdoor area can be used in the house through appropriate design and distinguished decoration, it is manufactured from the finest types and at a distinct price that suits all categories and is available in all colors and types.

Advantages of rattan furniture


Rattan furniture has several specifications that differ from others, such as:

  • Designing all kinds of tables and chairs.
  • Multi-part seating is available.
  • Providing all types of bamboo, rattan, tables and chairs.
  • An outdoor seating set consisting of 4 pieces.
  • Colorful rattan set according to the customer's desire.

Rattan set specification


There are many, many specifications of rattan, and these specifications:

  • Available in several colours.
  • bears the sun.
  • Rattan is very strong.
  • Rattan can be used in cafes, swimming pools, rooftops, and gardens.
  • It does not require regular maintenance.
  • Fit for all purposes.

Rattan is one of the types of bamboo for many years, and the upholstery made from it has occupied a great place in the world of furniture, as it is characterized by its unique character that combines modernity and heritage, and the rattan industry flourished between the years 2003-2006.


Rattan furniture imposes itself in the furniture arena in Egypt


Ratan offers a variety of designs for home furniture, and it has been designed in accordance with the principles of the industry with the highest degree of quality, and their work is comparable to imported work and works with standards to ensure quality and consistency.

There is no doubt that the choice of furniture depends on many criteria, and each of us has a special taste and a preferred color in terms of design, and each of us is free to choose what suits him, so we provide furniture services for both hotels, homes, cafes and restaurants in a large way, with modern and classic designs And modern.

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Why are rattan plastic chairs the best?


Rattan chairs are among the best types of plastic chairs, as they have many uses and can be used in cafes, gardens, clubs, restaurants, villas, beaches, and tourist villages. These chairs are characterized by the fact that they can be placed in open places without fear of being damaged, in addition to not being broken and being of high quality. High.

Rattan chairs prices


The prices of rattan chairs vary according to the size and size of the chair, so if you want to save a lot of money and time when buying outdoor rattan furniture for your home from the factory, with the highest quality and the lowest possible price, in addition to obtaining all shapes and colors, buy all types of furniture, whether For homes, cafes and gardens of rattan.

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