The difference between rattan and plastic

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When preparing restaurants and cafes, many people look for elegance and elegance in furnishing furniture, and the needs of restaurants and cafes may differ according to the type of restaurant, so rattan furniture offers you everything you are looking for and what suits your type of activity.


What is the difference between rattan and plastic ؟


Rattan is one of the raw materials from which plastic is made, and rattan can be classified as a group of amorphous compounds, so plastic is the final product of rattan, while plastic is composed of pure rattan, which consists of a mixture of various additives, so the The main difference between them is that rattan is of natural origin because it is produced directly from plant exudates, while plastic is of a synthetic polymeric nature.


Rattan Home Furniture


The manufacture of wooden chairs depends on musky wood or beech wood, as it is formed by carpenters, and the metal chair is manufactured from iron cans and pipes and is manufactured through diversification and shaping, and then it is painted like what cars are painted through high temperatures, and it is Manufacturing a large part of the iron from which chairs are made locally.


Rattan became a gradual development, as partners entered it to turn into a large factory, and the demand for it increased because of its special features, such as that it is of one size and color, which is honey in all its degrees and the thickness of the same rope, for natural irrigation, while industrial rattan can control its color and size as There are flat, wide, rounded and thin in all shades of black and brown.


Plastic rattan chairs 


There are many, many rattan furniture, as there are rattan chairs in beige, brown and beige colors, as well as Gardena, and the prices of the chairs may vary, depending on the size and color of the product that the customer chooses.



If you want to get chairs and tables that suit your home or with restaurants and cafes, you must try rattan furniture, where you can find everything you are looking for, at a price that satisfies all groups, in shapes and colors that satisfy all tastes.