outdoor furniture in Egypt

In this article, we discuss everything related to and related to furniture and external decoration of the house or companies, restaurants and cafes. Durable materials to withstand harsh weather, sunlight, dust and rain, read on.

ideas outdoor furniture in Egypt


There are steps that must be followed to beautify and place furnitureoutdoor decoration Suitable for home, company or workplace such as:

The best places and decorations that can be used to make outdoor furniture in Egypt

  •  the main entrance for home

As the main entrance is the first thing that the eye sees, which makes the view attractive to the guests and also comfortable for the people of the house.


  •  home front

 As the decoration of the facade of the house is as important as the interior decoration of the house, and it must be similar to it, and it will also be attractive.

  • garden the home

It is the most important and largest part of the outer house, but it is controlled by the space. If the space is large, it will allow you many choices, which are:

  • A covered pergola in the middle of the garden has seating areas, tables and a comfortable seating area that helps to relax and enjoy.


  • Roof of the house

 It is characterized by being outdoors, it must contain chairs to sit and enjoy the atmosphere, and a large basin of plants to increase the green space and joy in the place.

  • Porch

 It is a beautiful and special place, but it is not properly utilized due to the small space, but it is a very suitable place for enjoying and relaxing. It is possible to make a sofa and a small green space in it.

  • Pool

The availability of a swimming pool gives a beautiful and pleasant view, and it is also used to sit and enjoy the view, and it has certain furniture and chairs of the type of long chairs that are used to sit and lie down in front of this pleasant view.


The most important elements outdoor furniture for home 


There are many types of furniture and furnishings that can be used in the exterior decoration of the house, such as:

  • Metal furniture, which is aluminum, wrought iron and stainless steel.
  • Wooden furniture, which is common and widely used in the exterior and interior furniture of the house. There are many types of wood that are preferred to be used in exterior decoration, which are red beech wood, Roman red beech wood, beech pine wood, teak wood.
  • Mesh furniture, which is one of the distinctive types, as imported mesh is used in its manufacture, with a frame made of a type of wood or metal.
  • Rope furniture, which is a structure made of metal or wood, and it is braided with imported ropes and treated against the sun and moisture.
  • Rattan furniture, which is the most popular and widespread type of outdoor furniture, as it is made of iron, electrostatic paint, braided, pure Bertan, treated against rust and against weather factors.



Accessories and important elements for creating unique and beautiful outdoor furniture in Egypt 


There are some accessories that make the home look attractive and elegant, which are:

  • Colorful lanterns on the wall of the house.
  • Small bowls made of pottery with roses.
  • A small waterfall from which water flows into a small pond.
  • Hidden floor lights directed towards the plant to make it look beautiful.
  • A heater used in cold times.
  • Grill to use for grilling and enjoying it outdoors.
  • External candles, as they have an attractive and wonderful aesthetic appearance, and are also used in heat.
  • Swings are popular with many and help adults relax and have fun for children.


Tips before buying outdoor furniture for the home 


Before buying any outdoor furniture in Egypt, you must follow some tips to get the best possible result, which are:

  1. The durability of the furniture and its ability to withstand the natural factors in it.
  2. Choose light colors for places exposed to the sun permanently and continuously.
  3. Achieve harmony and balance between the colors of the furniture and their sizes as well.


At the end of this article, in which we showed you outdoor furniture in Egypt, as well as the best places to make this furniture and some tips to get the best result, as well as some accessories that add an aesthetic touch to the exterior view of the house.