Plastic chairs for sale in Egypt

Plastic chairs are considered one of the most important pieces of furniture that are indispensable in any home, because of its multiple uses in homes, cafes, shops, offices and clinics.

The specifications of plastic chairs may vary according to the shape and design, where there is a short plastic chair without a back, this design is one of the distinctive designs because it is of small size and light weight, and it was designed for quick sessions.


Specifications of plastic chairs


Plastic chairs are characterized by a set of specifications, including:

  • The chairs are small but different in design.
  • The chairs are easy to store as they are foldable.
  • Durability is due thanks to the metal legs.



Types of plastic chairs


Factories that design plastic chairs have spread, and many types and specifications of these chairs have spread in the market, and we will offer you the best of these chairs:

  • Izarir plastic chair  

This chair is considered one of the best chairs and it is designed in modern and elegant shapes, and a durable plastic material reinforced with glass fibers is used in order to obtain a chair that can bear heavy weights, in addition to that it is resistant to different weather conditions and ultraviolet rays, and does not require maintenance, and it is used in many Places such as hotels, kitchens, offices and cafes.


  • Modern dining chairs

This type of chair is designed to match the decor of your room. This type is characterized by high quality and durability to bear heavy weights. It is also resistant to different weather conditions. The chair contains rubber cushions at the end of the legs.

  • Plastic cedar chair

This chair is suitable for many uses such as swimming pools, balcony, garden, lounges, and hotels, and it was designed from high-quality plastic material and manufactured from plastic reinforced with fiberglass in order to ensure long-term use.


  • Cosmoplast chair

The chair is designed from high-quality plastic material, which is durable, and is one of the most beautiful to withstand use for many years, and it can be purchased for many uses, this chair is stackable for easy storage, and it is in the form of an indoor and outdoor duke.


The plastic chair dates back to the sixties, and plastic was a raw material, and American engineers began to design plastic chairs from one piece, after which the industry spread greatly.

Characteristics of plastic chairs


  • Multiple sizes

There are many sizes of plastic chairs, as there are large, medium and small ones, to fit any space in which they are placed.

  • Light weight

The chair is characterized by its light weight, which makes it easy to move it from one place to another.

  • Diversity of colours

There are many colors to suit all tastes.

  • Material savings

Prices are suitable for all classes of society, although they vary.

  • Multi use

Chairs are used in kitchens, cafes, and cafeterias.

  • Convenience in use

The chairs are comfortable to look at and to sit on.

  • Easy to clean

Cleaning chairs does not require special tools

For cleaning, it is cleaned by wiping it from dust from time to time by using a piece of damp cloth and wiping it with ease.


Plastic chairs have become indispensable in many homes, cafes, cafes, and shops, so it is necessary to have a good and sturdy chair that can bear heavy weights.