Wood offices for sale in Egypt

Wood desks It has become one of the most important pieces of furniture in any home, as it provides a place to sit and is used to place books on it, and you can use it as a place to study as it facilitates the study process.


Also, no company or any government department is free of a wooden office, and the materials from which the offices are manufactured may vary between wooden or metal, and despite the spread of metal offices, the wooden offices still maintain their place.


Wooden desk specifications

There are many specifications of wood desks, including:

  • It is lighter in weight compared to metal desks.
  • Easy to carry and move from anywhere.
  • You can integrate modern wooden desks into the wall, unfold when in use and fold back into the wall after each use.
  • There is compressed wood, which is distinguished by its innovative and rare colors.
  • Save space to place things and save room spaces



People are interested in the office room and its shape because of the time we spend in this room, so it must be quiet and comfortable, and the office décor must be chosen and decorated in a way that suits your personality and indicates your taste.


Wood desk prices

There are several types of Wood desksEach type has a price, and the price may vary according to hardness and durability. Among the most important types of wooden desks are:

  • Walnut

It is a color ranging from light brown

And dark brown, and there are many types of it, including the American, Turkish and Italian.

  • Beech wood

Desks are made like the roots of good trees, and one of its most important advantages is durability and flexibility in formation. This type is one of the most widespread types.

  • Oak or oak wood

Oak wood makes the most luxurious furniture due to its hardness and difficulty in shaping it. It is also used in the manufacture of furniture with rare pieces of art.

  • Pine wood

This type of wood is of great importance in the field of essential oils, and one of its most important advantages is that it is resistant to germs.


Modern wood desks

Many people are looking for the latest beautiful modern office decorations, which are compatible with all modern decorations that can be implemented with ease, and there are different sizes and various shapes that help you take ideas from them and implement them.


Wooden desks for studying

The offices are characterized by a variety of shapes and sizes, as there are medium and small offices, so that it is easy to connect the power cables to them, and they are designed for optimal use of laptops and desktops.


There are many professions and businesses that need luxurious offices in order to indicate the distinguished splendor in choice and high taste. If you are an engineer, lawyer, or any other profession that requires a great appearance and prestige, you must choose wood offices that provide the following advantages:

  • space

Wooden desks require elegance, and that is through a large area where a large wooden desk and a luxurious chair made of natural leather can be placed, next to a custom sofa or a classic sofa.

  • Classic design

The desks are designed with classic decorations, to match all the furniture in the house.


Wooden desks must be carefully chosen in order to suit your home décor, and the space in which the desk is placed must be taken into account so that it is not the cause of crowding in the house.