Bar chairs in Egypt

Bar chair It is not only found in bars, but it has spread in modern coffee shops and cafes, and there are many women who turn to this type of chair when furnishing the house and kitchen.


You can buy a bar stool from kitchen establishment stores, as well as from shops specialized in selling all types of seats, and it can also be searched for through websites, at special prices and delivery to any place.


Bar stool for the kitchen


Bar stools for the kitchen Available in high quality, elegant and modern designs made of the finest materials of fabric and wood, in addition to that it is available in a range of colors such as black, yellow, green, gray and brown, as well as in a range of different sizes, you can use it in homes, restaurants and cafes.

specifications Bar chair


  1. Simplicity and durability.
  2. Its price is one of the cheapest.
  3. The chair has a movable base.
  4. The chair has a padded base on 4 legs that are supported by a circular base to increase its sturdiness.
  5. The chair comes in a variety of colors to suit all tastes.


Perhaps the most important Bar stool models It is that chair that is based on a stainless nickel metal base, from which a column is designed to raise and lower the chair up and down and adjust the appropriate height for sitting, and this column carries the seat of the chair that is padded with thick sponge with a padded back, partially with the same type of sponge .


Selling places Bar chairs


considered as Bar chairs It is one of the modern things in furniture, and its idea came in Egypt several years ago, and it is taken from the idea of ​​bars in the West in which this type of chair is widespread, and at the present time it is used in the American kitchen whose structure is designed on the idea of ​​serving food outside the kitchen.


Bar stool prices


Many people think that the prices of bar stools are high, but in fact the price of a chair is not much more than a wooden chair, and you can get it through websites that facilitate the purchase process for customers.


Bar chair for home


is being made Bar chair for home It is made of beech wood, which increases its durability and strength, which increases its value and durability, in addition to its height suitable for American bars and kitchens, so it has become one of the most important pieces of modern home furniture in any home.


If you want to buy bar stools, you can get them from one of the widespread websites, as it is available in a range of shapes, colors and types.


Types of bar stools


There are several types of Bar chairs Of which:

  1. Plastic bar stools.
  2. Wood bar chairs.
  3. Metal bar stools.
  4. Iron bar stools.
  5. Upholstered bar stools


Many people prefer modern styles in their homes, so Bar Chairs offers a group of classics when manufacturing chairs, that suit all customers' tastes, so that each customer finds what suits him and his home decor.


In recent years, American kitchens have spread, and this may require the presence of bar chairs, as they are suitable for children when eating breakfast before going to school or at dinner times, so choose the type that suits you, whether wood, metal, or rattan.