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Wooden shoes are considered one of the best types of shoes, as they are used at home to put shoes to protect them from dust and preserve them, so they have become one of the most important pieces of furniture that are indispensable, so shop through the Oscar Rattan store and get the best types of shoes.

There are many shoes in the market, and they vary between modern, modern, or classic, and they also vary in manufacturing materials, as there are types of them such as plastic, cloth, metal, and wood.

wood bits

Wood shoes are among the most common types of shoes as well as the lowest price. They are also characterized by elegant designs. Choosing shoes is an ideal choice for everyone who is about to get married, because they are available in classic and modern types so that you can choose from them, in addition to the presence of very simple shoes that consist of a stand that It contains a set of shelves without a shelf.

Types of wood chips

• Wooden shoes with mirrors and drawers
This shoe comes with a distinctive mirror in which there are 2 drawers, in which tassels are placed, and one of its most important features is that you can see yourself completely before leaving the house, and it also adds an aesthetic touch and a distinctive decor.

• Wooden shelves
This shoe is considered one of the best types of shoes, and it is practical, durable, and easy to use. It is characterized by high material and ease of use, especially when there are children at a young age. The shoe consists of two wooden leaves with wooden shelves from the inside, so that it is easy to reach the shoes.

Rattan boots
The shoe is characterized by being light and easy to move from one place to another with ease, in addition to its reasonable price that is commensurate with all capabilities, and it has a medium size that fits all spaces.

Tips when choosing a wood chip

There are several tips that must be taken into account when choosing shoes, these tips are:
• Must choose boots proportional to the number of family members.
• It is necessary to know the dimensions of the space in which the shoes are placed, so as not to buy shoes that do not fit the existing place
• The quality of the shoes must be ensured and that they are of high quality so that they are used by more than one person throughout the day.
• If the shoe consists of drawers, it must be easy to open and close so that children can open and close it with ease.
• You must rely on low-priced shoes to arrange shoes.
• The flip-flops should be kept away so that the shoes do not mix with each other.


Modern wood shoe

wood shoe It is used to keep shoes and place them neatly, and it can also be used as a piece of decoration in the home. The modern wood shoe is based on the small size, and it combines practicality and elegance, and it is preferable that its color be white with gray, and there are elegant and modern shoes that bear a wonderful shape that depends on degrees The dark cafe with white, which consists of two parts, the first is open and the other is closed.


wood shoe Wonderful because it relies on unique new shapes, so if you are looking for a durable and strong shoe, all you have to do is visit the Oscar Ratan store and see the best types of shoes of different shapes, sizes and colors, and get what suits your home decor.