Tips for choosing modern and classic home decor

 The classic design spread in the 17th century AD and is used nowadays in decorating and designing villas, houses and palaces. There are a variety of ideas and designs that can be done, such as the simple elegant design, there is a design with various colors, and there are people who prefer the distinctive old classic decor because it gives a special shape to the house and it is characterized by a touch Artistic, and in this article we will help you choose the design for your home.

Tips for choosing modern and classic home decor

Choosing a classic home decor design adds a charming look and distinguishes it from others, so space and price are among the most important things that are taken into account before choosing decor:


Choose original classic furniture pieces


The first step in designing a classic living room decor is to choose original, high-quality pieces of furniture that suit the place, and if you have pieces of furniture that are not original, you can change the color and add some touches.


  • Add small details


Adding a small touch will make a big difference when creating a classic interior design. Luxurious carpets and elegant pillows can be added to give a classic and elegant look.



  • Choose one style in the design:


Choosing one style for decoration is one of the golden rules when designing classic living rooms or halls with an old character because they complement each other, as one style has several shapes, pieces, and additions that you choose yourself in proportion to the space of the room.



  • Choose the right color:


One of the most important aesthetic elements about designing a classic decor is choosing the right color, and people often turn to black and brown because they are the most used and the most elegant, and blue and white can be mixed so that the furniture catches the eye when entering the room.



 5- Mixing modern and old design


Some people prefer to mix the past decor with the present decor when designing a classic room decor, which produces a beautiful and elegant look while being done with great care.


  • How to place furniture and other pieces


The method of placing furniture contributes to the distribution of antiques and decorations, whether it is a classic reception decor or a guest room decor.


  • final touches


There is no doubt that adding a bookcase or bookshelf through which you can show the room the character of the 18th century, which gives the room more elegance and classic design.


New designs in the house 


Arranging bookshelves at home is one of the things that increase the beauty of interior design, and remember what the Roman writer Marcus Tullius Cicero said in his book A House Without Books.

1- Floating shelves

You can design wooden floating shelves in the shape of the company as a motivational or promotional method for the company, as floating wooden shelves are considered one of the things that you do by yourself as they do not take up much space, so they are suitable for small spaces.

2- Flap extending from floor to ceiling

You can add ceramic materials or plants to the shelves to give them a more beautiful look, and you can customize a wall in your living room, bedroom, or office to create these shelves.


Classic design


It is represented in accuracy and simplicity, and it is considered a unified and consistent model for the design of a classic style. Original and natural components must be used in consistent colors. The curtains used in the classic style are of heavy design and are folded with the provision of a large mirror. It is not limited to lighting of all kinds, but the most prominent of which is hidden lighting in many colors. The furniture is distinguished With strong geometric shapes, it has an attractive appearance, and the result is wonderful. It is preferable to harmonize between the old classic design and the modern classic design, to give a streamlined and harmonious shape.