Outdoor umbrellas and parasols in parks and public places

Outdoor umbrellas and parasols in parks and public places


The umbrella is one of the most important outdoor furniture used in the home, garden, beach, and public places, and there is no doubt that relaxation in natural places and the open air helps to get rid of stress and pressures of life, which is caused by work, study, or daily burdens in general, which makes people resort to Enjoying the vacation with family and friends in the garden of the house or in the beaches and public places.

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Al Shamsi types


You must identify the types of umbrellas in order to be able to determine what suits you best before buying, but this will be done after knowing the most popular types of umbrellas used, as there are many types of umbrellas, some of which are used at home, as they are placed in the outdoor garden of the house to enjoy the atmosphere, and protection from the sun, especially In the summer when the temperature is very high

As for the second type, it is used in beaches or in parks and public places, and the types, shapes, sizes and designs of outdoor umbrellas vary, whether used in outdoor homes, beaches or public places.


Types of umbrellas available for use at home 


  • Deacon Made of reinforced plastic, it is unbreakable, comes in different thicknesses, and is characterized by its low speed and ease of transportation and use at home compared to iron and wooden ones.
  •  Umbrellas made of wood, as there are many designs and shapes of wooden umbrellas used in the garden of the house, and the types of wood used in their manufacture differ, but they give the house an aesthetic touch and luxury, in addition to providing great and safe protection from the sun’s rays.
  • Sunshades made of iron, where some people install iron umbrellas or umbrellas made of aluminum due to their strength, high durability and degree of durability because they last for many years and withstand changing weather factors and continuous sunlight, but they also give an elegant aesthetic view. Rust.
  • Moving umbrellas, as most see it as the easiest and best at home due to its ease of transportation, movement, and use in home gardens.


Al Shamsi types used in public parks


After we got to know each other Al Shamsi types Used at home We must get acquainted with the types of umbrellas used in gardens

  • Iron umbrellas There are many types of them, as well as different and attractive designs, and they are usually covered with a layer of lexan, so that they are not affected by the sun and rain, and they do not rust, as the lexan stands up to protect them from rust.
  • Umbrellas made of bamboo pergolas, as they are aesthetically pleasing, elegant and attractive, and can withstand the intense heat of the sun because of their quality and shape. Attractive and elegant colors and designs are available.


After getting acquainted with the types of umbrellas in general and the types of umbrellas used in homes and gardens in particular, you must learn about the features of the umbrellas

Al-Shamasi features 


  • Their prices are low and they are suitable for everyone and available.
  • Resists moisture, high temperatures, and harsh sunlight.
  • Outstanding durability and hardness due to the quality of the materials it is manufactured from.


Finally after getting to know each other The importance of the deacon And the types of umbrellas, whether they are used in the house, public parks, and beaches. We also learned about their advantages, prices, and the raw materials that are made from them, whether they are wooden materials, iron materials, aluminum, or reinforced plastic. There is also a type made of bamboo pergola. Now all options are available to you, and you only have to choose the type. right for you.