Modern boots for sale in Egypt

The shoe boot is considered one of the most popular types of shoe boots in recent years, as it relies on the new and unique shape, and it has drawers from the top, and it has been designed with a large side mirror that can be placed in the hall to give you an attractive appearance.


Modern shoe shapes


  • You must choose the shoes that fit the space of your place.
  • It is designed to consist of 3 sections.
  • It bears a fresh and open look that is being designed in the bedrooms.
  • White is a neutral color that matches all decors.

Modern shoes are indispensable in any home, as there are modern shoes, with mirrors and a seat, as desired, including white, brown, black and beige colors.


Modern shoe shapes


There are many different types of boots, as there are cloth boots, wood boots, plastic boots, mirrored wood boots, and leather boots, in order to suit all budgets, and the most important types of boots are:

  • wood shoe

This shoe is one of the oldest and most used types of shoes, in addition to being easy to clean, and you can convert it into modern shoes, so you must choose a good type of wood so that it does not get cracked in the shortest possible time.

  • Canvas shoes

The cloth shoe is the best type of modern shoe, as the shoe is made of metal legs to be fixed, and there are many different sizes and sizes to suffice all family members, you can get this shoe through the Oscar Rattan store.

  • Modern shoes

This type has spread in recent years, as it relies on the elegance of design, and is characterized by its modern and elegant shape that goes with all home décor and furniture, in addition to that there are types that resemble a pouf or a small round chair in which shoes are placed.


Tips when choosing types of boots


We give you a set of tips when choosing Modern shoesAmong these tips:

  • It is necessary to choose a good material so that it lasts for long periods and is not replaced from time to time.
  • You must choose a shoe that matches the home décor.
  • Care must be taken that the shoe size is suitable for the space in the house.
  • It is necessary to choose a suitable practical type commensurate with the number of family members.
  • The need to ensure the quality of the material from which the shoe is made, especially the wooden species.



You can rely on ideas for recycling, so that an old wooden ladder can be used, after adding a set of wooden shelves that fit with it, so that it is easy to arrange shoes and easy access for family members to them when needed.


Mirror shoes


considered as boots One of the most important things that every home needs, because it helps to organize the house, because the shoes are placed in a specific place, which makes the house tidy and organized, so it is necessary to choose modern shoes that have durability and strength so that they are not damaged quickly.


Modern shoes, through this article, we learned about the shapes of shoes, as well as their features, we also got to know all types of shoes, and how to choose shoes that match home decor, all you have to do is visit the Oscar Ratan store and you will find the most beautiful shapes and colors of shoes that you can choose from.