Types and shapes of chaise longues and their sizes

Types and shapes of chaise lounges

The chaise longue has become widespread in modern homes, so many people prefer to buy a chaise longue in their home, because it adds an aesthetic touch to the house with some attractive and simple wonderful details, so if you intend to design a house with attractive furniture, you should use the chaise longue, because of the beauty and unique touch it gives. In the design of modern and contemporary homes, follow this article with us to get to know the best Types and shapes of chaise lounges.

 Types and shapes of chaise longues and their sizes 2023


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What is chaise longue?


The chaise longue is a word of French origin (Chaise Lounge) and means in the Arabic language the long chair, so the chaise longue is considered one of the most important and famous types of long furniture at all, as it is specially designed for rest and relaxation, psychiatrists use it in their hospitals in order to achieve the idea of ​​comfort, relaxation, calmness and peace to the soul , which makes the patient feel a kind of safety, so all psychiatrists recommend buying long furniture or chaise longues, as is customary.

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As is well known, long furniture is not limited to chaise lounges only, but there are many types and forms of long furniture, so we must know the types of long furniture and then get to know Types and shapes of chaise loungesWe will explain in detail the types of chaise longues available in the market.

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Types of tall furniture  


There are many types of circular furniture, the most famous of which are:

  • The long sofa It is one of the most popular types of long furniture, and the long sofa is distinguished by its large size, wonderful shape, and unique design. It is also distinguished by its attractive colors, wonderful materials, and the appropriate shape, whether it is for the living room or the guest reception room, or you can put it in the sofa next to some light and quiet accessories to brighten the place, if you intend to buy a sofa Do not hesitate and buy it right away.
  • The long chair is somewhat similar to a long sofa, but it is characterized by its small size, and it is a footstool that is placed in one of the sides of the living room or guest reception room. The long chair is an address for rest and relaxation after a long and hard day full of work. When you arrive home, you can sit on it and feel Relax.
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Chaise longue sizes


Thus, we may have known about some types of circular furniture and its uses, now we must show you the sizes of the chaise longue before buying it in order to know whether it fits the space we have in the house or not, because the chaise longue consists of many different sizes, as the length of the chaise longue ranges from 130 centimeters to 300 centimeters This varies according to the design, as for the height of the chaise longue from the ground, it ranges from 60 centimeters to 120 centimeters, with regard to the depth, the depth of the chaise longue may reach 90 centimeters, so after knowing the dimensions of the chaise longue, you can buy the best Types and shapes of chaise longues

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Finally, after knowing a lot of information about the chaise longue and circular furniture in general and knowing its many types, the most famous of which are the circular chair and the circular sofa, we also learned about the uses of the chaise longue and why it is recommended by psychiatrists, and its importance to relax, get a rest and enjoy sitting on it, as we explained its importance In the design of the modern house because of what gives it an attractive aesthetic look, you can now buy your chaise longue after knowing the bestTypes and shapes of chaise longues.