The best types of garden umbrellas and public places

 There is no doubt that relaxation in natural places and the open air helps to get rid of stress and stress of life, which is caused by work, study, or daily concerns in general, and this is what drives many people to go to the beaches or sit in the garden of the house to enjoy the pleasant atmosphere and the open air, and sun umbrellas The most important and indispensable element to reduce the intensity of sunlight, so that it is not harmful, so in this article we will show you the best Umbrella types You can buy it.

 انواع شماسى للحدائق


The best kind of umbrellas

 انواع شماسى للحدائق

Before getting to know the best types deacon You should know that there are two types of umbrellas, one used in homes and another type used in gardens, beaches and public places, here are some types of umbrellas that you can use in your home garden in order to enjoy nature and the outdoors without being harmed by the sun's rays, as the shapes and designs of umbrellas vary Outdoors that can be used in the garden of the house, but they share one feature, which is protection from the sun, especially in the summer when the temperature is very high.

Types of umbrellas used in the home garden 

 انواع شماسى للحدائق

Wooden umbrellas


There are many designs and shapes of wooden umbrellas used in the garden of the house, and the types of wood used in their manufacture differ, but they give the house an aesthetic and luxurious touch, in addition to protecting it from the sun’s rays.

Iron umbrellas


Some people install iron umbrellas or umbrellas made of aluminum due to their high strength and durability, and their degree of durability because they last for many years and withstand changing weather factors and continuous sunlight, but they give an elegant aesthetic look.


Animated umbrellas


The movable umbrellas are among the best and most modern forms of umbrellas that can be used at home. They can also be opened, closed and controlled with ease by the homeowner.

Reinforced plastic umbrellas


It is unbreakable and available in different thicknesses. It is also characterized by its low price compared to iron and wood.

After we got to know some types of umbrellas that can be used at home, here are some umbrellas that are available in gardens, public places and parks.


Types of umbrellas used in gardens, public places and parks


Iron umbrellas


There are many types of them, and they are usually covered with an outer layer that is resistant to the sun, and there are some iron umbrellas that are not covered with this layer, and this is due to the customer’s choice.


Bamboo rattan umbrellas


It is one of the best umbrellas that gives you an aesthetic look, because of its quality, shape, attractive colors, and elegant designs, because it withstands temperatures, sunlight, and ever-changing weather conditions.

In addition, we will learn about the types of umbrellas that are used in the home garden, or in public gardens


Here are some specifications or features that umbrellas will offer you:

Specifications of umbrellas used in home gardens or gardens


  • Moisture resistance, high temperatures and weather harshness.
  • High durability and distinct hardness due to the strength of the raw materials from which the umbrellas are made.
  • Their prices are somewhat suitable for everyone and are available.
  • It is waterproof, such as rain water, so as not to harm those sitting under it.


And after we showed you the types of umbrellas or what is known as umbrellas, which can be used in the garden of the house to enjoy nature, the fresh air and the open air, and to spend quality time with family members, we also presented to you some types of umbrellas used in gardens, parks, beaches and public places, we also presented some features Which you will get when you use the umbrellas, whether in the garden of the house or public parks.