5 tips when choosing garden furniture

The garden of the house is the bright place in which it enjoys the warmth and brightness of the sun extending into the house.


5 Tips when choosing garden furniture


buying garden furniture It is one of the most important things that is somewhat similar, but there are some additional guidelines, namely:

1- It is preferable that the furniture be foldable and make sure that there is an empty internal space in order to facilitate its storage at home during the winter season.

2- Make sure to buy mold-resistant furniture and be comfortable, and you should try the furniture before buying it.

3- Determining the place where the furniture is placed, and it is important to specify whether the furniture is placed on a wooden surface, on grass, or on a paved surface.

4- The available space and shape must be determined in the garden of the house, as it facilitates the matter in determining the shape and size of the furniture to be purchased.

5- This advice is absolutely important, so the environment in which the person lives must be determined, and the climatic environment surrounding the place must also be determined because it is important in choosing furniture because strong winds make aluminum furniture fly and high temperature may cause cracking of wood, moisture Bamboo furniture may deteriorate if exposed to moisture.



Garden furniture components


  • 2 swimming chairs.
  • Small or large swing.
  • Rectangular wooden or stone floors for walking.
  • Gravel.
  • Artificial green grass.
  • Lamps of various sizes.
  • Small light poles.
  • electric grill.
  • A dining table and the number of chairs commensurate with its length.
  • Seating set (large sofa, 2 chairs).
  • A small square or rectangular table, depending on the place.
  • Umbrellas to cover the seating group from the sun's rays.



Types of garden furniture


It is important to focus on furniture made of solid materials that can withstand high temperatures, rain and dust, as the materials with which they are made vary, and here are the most important types of garden furniture:

1- Aluminum garden furniture


The advantage of aluminum is that it is light in weight and that it is able to withstand all natural factors, so buying furniture made of aluminum helps you get a comfortable seating set that will last for many years, and it can also be sprayed with a layer of protection against rust.

2- Rattan garden furniture


The rattan material is considered one of the natural materials that have been involved in the design and manufacture of many pieces of furniture. It is one of the types of bamboo wood. It is implemented in the design of a metal aluminum chassis for a table or chair, then the rattan is wrapped on the chassis, which gives an attractive and elegant appearance. It is used in the manufacture of sofas and swings with seating cushions.

3- Wood garden furniture


Tables and chairs must be made of strong beech wood that can withstand high temperatures. It is considered one of its advantages to live for long periods and can be renewed by painting.

4- Resin garden furniture


Resin is a chemical substance that has a thick consistency and is used in many industries. It is furniture made of plastic, wood, or metal. A layer of resin is added to it, as when applied it gives a smooth glass texture.