Small offices in Egypt

Small spaces may cause some problems for many people, whether at home or at work, but there are a group of smart ways that are suitable for small spaces. If you want to place small offices, we will mention them in this article. Small offices in Egypt, follow us.


The best office designs for small spaces


We review with you the best designs that are suitable for small office spaces, such as:

  • Mobile desk desk

This desk saves a lot of space, because it does not take up space, and it is a panel that is attached to the wall bookcase.

  • Super White Slant Desk

The desk space can be increased while still keeping enough space for the computer and storing books and office accessories on top.

  • Stylish desk

If you want to set up a non-traditional desk, this desk provides a stylish and modern version, as it contains a large space with a drawer and features a scratch-resistant surface.

  • a small office

If you need small desks for small work sessions, this desk is retractable, and it has several hidden places for storage, and it is a solid desk in a modern style.


Smart desks fit into small spaces


  • Desk in the corner of the wall

You can take advantage of the empty corners in your home by placing a desk that fits with it, as the desk contains a drawer for storage and lower shelves for placing the desk and magazines.

  • Brass leg desk

Slender golden legs add an airy look, and it can also hold a computer and some office supplies.

  • Wall mounted desk

This wall-mounted desk is a great option, as it doesn't take up much space, and a chair can easily be stored underneath when not in use.

  • Desk installed on a window

If you have a very small space, the desk can be installed on the window. This desk is elegant and practical, in addition to that you can store the things you use in the cabinet.


Small offices have become found mainly in the home, either for work, receiving guests, or reading and writing, and in homes with small spaces where there is no room for a specialized room such as the office room.

Wooden desk shapes 


Small offices are characterized by the ease of connecting power cables, and they are designed for optimal use of laptops and desktops. The most important specifications of wooden desks are:

  • The desk is water and scratch resistant.
  • The desk is made of prefabricated veneer bonded wood.
  • The desk rests on a shelving unit with a lower shelf under the desk.


Modern wood desk with shelves and 3 drawers storage unit


This office consists of a side shelves unit as well as a storage unit with a shutter, and the most important specifications of this office are:

  • The desk is made of MDF wood with laminate veneer.
  • The desktop is water, scratch and heat resistant.
  • The desk is suitable for narrow spaces.
  • Having plenty of storage space.
  • The desk is easy to clean.
  • Space saving and modern design
  • The desk is 175 cm high, 50 cm deep and 130 cm high.


Small desks are characterized by saving space, as they are suitable for small and medium spaces, you can choose the type that suits you and the space of your home or work office, so that you get a desk suitable for all purposes.