Study offices for sale in Egypt

Many students suffer from boredom because of sitting for long periods at study desks because of studying, so we present to you a set of ideas that suit everyone at different stages of life, through cheerful decorations that encourage studying.


Wooden study desk


office Wooden, designed with modern designs made of solid wood, as for the legs, they are metal, available in many colors, and the size is 70 cm in depth, 78 cm in height, and 140 cm in width.

Study desks 


With the start of the school year, it is necessary to know the prices of study desks in many places, as they offer affordable prices for everyone Study offices One of the most indispensable pieces of furniture in the home, there is no home that does not have a male or female student who needs a comfortable desk to sit on during study times.


There are many different forms of desks in terms of the type of wood from which they are manufactured, and the prices vary according to the shape of the desk and the quality of the materials, so if you want to sit in a comfortable place that helps you study well, all you have to do is get good study desks.


Types of study desks


  • offices Made of beech wood, this type is more robust.
  • Mahogany wood is a reddish wood, and this type is characterized by strength.
  • Desks made of antibacterial wood materials such as fragrant pine.
  • Walnut wood The color of the desk is brown tones.
  • Desks are made of oak wood, which is one of the strongest and most durable types, due to the cohesion of the wood.


Study desk prices


The prices of study desks may vary according to the type of wood used in the manufacture of the desk, as well as the effort expended in shaping and making the desk, and despite the different types of wood, all prices are affordable to suit all groups.


Modern office

This desk is considered one of the best types of desks, as it was made with the best materials. The desk helps you arrange papers and documents as well as organize the room. Moreover, it can be used for working from home or studying, so it is a great solution for all people and all uses.


Advantages of study desks

Study desks have many advantages that they offer to users, the most important of which are:

  • The office can be used at home and in companies and institutions.
  • The desk is heavy duty with a metal construction.
  • The office has a simple and practical look.
  • It is made of iron with a layer of melamine.
  • It is characterized by its cheap price that suits all classes of people.


If you are a university student, we recommend that you buy an L-shaped desk, so that you can use it to study and put the computer on it at the same time.


Study desks are one of the most important desks that are found in any home, in order to study where they sit for the longest period, so it is necessary to choose high-quality desks made of the finest types of wood that are characterized by durability, strength and endurance, so buy the study desk from a reliable place, Or from shops that sell household items, or shops that sell home furnishings.