Bar stools for the kitchen in Egypt

Bar stools for the kitchen It is considered one of the types of chairs that have spread in recent years, as before that it was only found in bars, but now it is used in homes, offices and companies.


Types of kitchen bar stools


There are many types Bar chairs Kitchen where there are:

  • Bar stool with medium backrest

The high chairs add charm and beauty to the chair, and they are made of artificial leather that is easy to clean, in addition to being easy to clean and suitable for your kitchen.

  • Rattan bar chair

This chair adds happiness to your kitchen, as it is made of coastal straw wood.

  • Wooden bar stools

This chair gives you a rustic touch, it matches your kitchen furniture and is available in many colours.

  • Metal bar stools

The metal bar chair adds a touch of industrial feel and a new texture to the space, and it is one of the cheapest prices, so it is one of the most common types.


The bar stool was not considered exclusive to me. Bars only, as it has become the most used in modern cafes and cafes, and many women resort to it in establishing the kitchen, as it gives the kitchen an attractive and eye-catching look.

Bar stools 2022


Perhaps one of the most important types of bar chairs, which is the most widely used, is the type that is based on a stainless nickel metal base, from which a nickel column stems. Also, this column contains a leg rest, in order to provide the necessary comfort for the user.


Specifications of kitchen bar stools


There are a set of specifications that must be in kitchen bar stools from these specifications:

  • Strength and durability as it is made of iron.
  • Economical prices that suit all users.
  • The chairs do not have a movable base.
  • The chairs are not adjustable in height as they have a padded base based on 4 legs supported by a circular base in order to increase the durability of the chair.


Kitchen bar chairs prices


Some ask about Bar stool prices Kitchen, of course, it is not possible to determine a single or specific price for a chair, because there are a group of factors that determine the selling price of chairs, including:

  • The place of purchase, as the price of the chair varies from one place to another.
  • There are metal bar stools and wood bar stools, so it is difficult to set a specific price for a chair.


If you are about to get married, or you are about to open a restaurant or cafe, or you want to renovate your home furniture, and you are looking for furniture with a beautiful and distinctive look, do not hesitate and buy kitchen bar chairs that give the kitchen a wonderful aesthetic touch, as it is manufactured with the best and finest types of chairs in various types. Shapes and colours.


Bar chairs Kitchen has become one of the most important pieces of furniture that are found in any home, and the reason for that is because of its beautiful and wonderful view, especially in the American kitchen for which the chair was designed, you can now get the best types of bar stools, whether metal or wood, and you can also get Your favorite color among the available colors of the chair.