Modern curtains for sale in Egypt

Modern curtains It is considered one of the most important home decorations that every woman takes care of, because of the elegance and elegance it adds to the place, so it is necessary to take care of it and choose curtains that match the home decor.


There are many curtains that suit the sofa and the reception, and there are many distinctive and modern designs that suit all rooms, as there are many different colors so that you can choose what suits you.

The latest trends in curtains


Prepare curtain One of the important pieces in the house, and its importance is not limited to adding the aesthetic touch to the house only, but also includes mitigating sunlight and giving privacy to the people of the house, and the forms of curtains may vary, as there are those that are suitable for modern and elegant styles of decoration, and those that are suitable for luxurious styles of decoration.


Types of curtain fabrics 


Different Types of curtains According to the requirements needed by each room of the house, as there are different boxes and fabrics used in the manufacture of curtains, and the most important types of curtains are:

Organza curtains

Organza curtains are similar to chiffon curtains, but they are thicker and have a distinctive shine. It is better to use this type of curtain in guest rooms.


Velor curtains

Velvet curtains vary in design to meet the luxurious classic style and modern style. It is recommended to use this type of curtain in rooms with large areas. It is used in bedrooms to block sunlight, and it is similar to velvet curtains in terms of the type and texture of silk fabric.


Velvet curtains

Velvet curtains give luxury to the rooms, and the use of velvet curtains in the decoration makes the place take on a classic and elegant style. This type is used in salons with an elegant classic style.


silk curtains

Modern silk curtains are used in large salons because they add a beautiful classic feel.


Cotton curtains

This type is widely used in the kitchen, bedrooms and sitting rooms, and it is a practical curtain that is easy to wash and clean and does not require much effort when ironing it.


Linen curtains

Linen curtains are one of the curtains with designs, as they are suitable with modern decor styles because they add a lively and modern touch to the place, in addition to giving the place light and air.


Modern curtains for bedrooms


You must choose modern curtains that suit the decor of the bedrooms in your home, and colors have an important role in affecting mental health and decoration, but you must choose the best and be careful to choose the colors and designs of curtains that suit the bedroom decor, because they give the room warmth, which is reflected in the psychological state And help to sleep soundly.


Modern chiffon curtains

Modern chiffon curtains are not only distinguished by their delicate details and charming colors, but also have a great and magical role in changing the lighting of your home, as they give you a warm atmosphere, and this type of curtain does not depend on plain curtains only, but there are also patterned curtains.


Modern curtains With the developments that took place in the world of decoration, the curtains did not become just ordinary curtains in their traditional sense, but rather the forms and designs of the curtains varied, so that there are curtains that are suitable for bedrooms, living rooms, salons, sofas, and kitchens that give charming touches to the home.