Modern and classic TV table

Designed TV table With the latest designs and different shapes, so that it fits with living rooms, salons, sofas, and living rooms so that it becomes an artistic painting in your home, as there is something that fits in all places such as villas, apartments, and palaces to match all tastes and all places.


A TV table is one of the most important decorative pieces that are indispensable in any home decor design, because it gives a wonderful aesthetic touch, used to hang TVs on it, and many of the features that are available with it.


Modern TV table


Modern tables vary in shape and suit all tastes, and there are many colors, including brown, gray, or white, and it is better to choose a table color that matches your home decor.


TV table shapes


  • Classic wood TV table

There are some people who prefer to rely on classic pieces of furniture, and the most important of these pieces are the tables that must be chosen and coordinated with the existing decor.

  • Kabbani TV table

This table is based on a different and elegant design, and it has a distinctive white color.

  • TV stand table

The shapes of the TV stand table vary, as there is a large group of them so that you can choose what suits you.


Every person searches for decorative elegance inside his home, and some suffer from the chaos caused by the electric wires or that come from electrical appliances, but with IKEA TV tables you do not find these wires, because they disappear inside the table through the back passages to collect the wires, and they also provide A place to put DVDs and remote controls.


Turkish TV tables


These tables are designed in an innovative geometric style, you can choose what suits your space in terms of height and size, and the table is available in several colors, including: white, black, red, yellow, blue, brown, black, cream, and many colors that you can choose from to suit your home décor.


Glass TV tables


This type of tables has appeared recently, and a lot may depend on it because of its delicacy and beauty, as it is one of the wonderful designs that comes in a different way, and it is one of the most elegant types of modern tables.


Check screen tables


A distinctive and elegant wooden screen table is designed with a light brown wooden color, as it has a set of drawers that can be used to store books, and there are some types of wheels so that they can be moved with ease.


Features of TV tables


  • A TV table helps in arranging decorative pieces and artifacts because it saves space in the house.
  • The table increases the beauty of the room.
  • There are many designs that satisfy all tastes, Tabriz mine All you have to do is choose the design that matches your home decor or furniture.
  • Tables are available at different and cheap prices.
  • Books can be placed on the table for use.
  • A TV table adds more beauty and elegance to the home, as it is a distinctive decorative piece.


multiply table Television in terms of shapes, designs and colors, choose what suits you, and you will get a unique and wonderful decor for your home, in addition to that you will enjoy many advantages that are not limited to just placing the TV or screen on it.