Selling bar chairs in Egypt and their types

 This type of chair is called a high stool, where the chair is high with a footrest to support the feet, and it is suitable for use in high tables, bars, and also bars.


Bar stool manufacturing components


Chairs were not used in drinking establishments but in food establishments as well

There are many different types of bar stools made of metal or wood and there are also chairs with bar stools without armrests.


Bar stool specifications


36" or 36" tall stools are most used in contemporary styles with high pub tables Regular stool height is 30" or 30" with bench, 26" or 66 cm against kitchen tables Traditional dining chair height is 18" or 46 poison.


The 7 best modern bar stools


when choosing Modern bar chairsThe chair must be suitable for the seat and the feeling of comfort and relaxation. The bar stools are designed with many designs that can be used in all fields:

1- Transparent bar stool chair

A transparent stool chair made of polycarbonate fibers. The chair has fixed metal legs and comes in solid and transparent colors. The seats are slightly curved, which gives it an attractive look.

2- Stylish bar stools in black

The chair has one heavy-weight metal base to support the chair with the ability to control the height and rest area. This chair is one of the best chairs in terms of functionality and appearance.

3- Solid backrest bar chairs 

The long bar stool comes with a long, solid backrest and a comfortable padded seat. The wooden bar stools are designed in such a way that you have the top part above the bar.

4- Bamboo bar stool with tub stools

This bar stool is made of bamboo that gives it an attractive look and draws attention when placed at the bar. The generously ergonomic backrest and wicker seats complete the look of the chair.

5- Bar stools inspired by nature 

The shape of the chair is inspired by natural organic matter because it has artistically rounded legs designed on the highest quality and the cushions add more comfort and add a wonderful view.

6- Round bar stools

This type of high bar stool has a modern and elegant level because it has been in use for decades. The chair is round in shape and it is fixed on a metal base with three legs to provide comfort while sitting.

7- Woven Tall Bar Chair

It is a chair made of natural and strong materials, where the chair is made of solid mahogany wood, where the chairs are of high length, and the seats are hand-woven.


Types of bar stools


There are many models and types of bar stools and what are the best types of chairs:

  • The first kind

In this type, the base of the chair is covered with a layer of thick foam.

  • The second kind

This type is characterized by many advantages such as light weight, it is based on a seat made of metal made of stainless nickel with the ability to control its heights as it can be lowered or raised.


In this article, we have provided you with everything related to bar stools and a group of distinguished bar stools from Morden, which are suitable for all places.

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