Selling outdoor furniture for hotels, restaurants and cafes in Egypt

Selling outdoor furniture for hotels, restaurants and cafes in Egypt


In this article, we discuss everything related to it Outdoor furniture and decoration For hotels, where the appearance and splendor of the place is not limited to the architectural appearance only, but rather depends more and more importantly on the decoration and the pieces of furniture and accessories, where we deal with the furniture used outside the hotels such as chairs, tables, raw materials and the materials from which that furniture is made, as these materials must be durable and withstand the weather Harsh, harsh sunlight, dust and rain, so if you want to know, follow this article with us.


Outdoor furniture ideas 


  • The main entrance to the hotel and the corridor, as what the visitor's eyes fall on is the main entrance and the shape of the corridor, and this is what attracts guests and visitors and makes it comfortable for them.
  • The external facade of the hotel, as the importance of the decoration of the external face of the hotel is the importance of the internal decoration of the hotel, and it must be consistent with it in order to attract visitors and achieve a kind of harmony.
  • The hotel's garden, which is the most important and largest part of the hotel's exterior, although its large area will allow you to make multiple choices, such as: making covered pergolas in the middle of the garden and at separate distances.
  • The swimming pool, where the availability of the swimming pool gives a beautiful, pleasant and comfortable appearance, as it is used to sit and enjoy the view, and it has specific furniture and specific chairs that are used to sit and relax in front of this beautiful, pleasant view.
  • The bridge is an important choice if the swimming pool is available, where you can build a bridge that passes over the swimming pool, as it gives a beautiful and pleasant view of the place.



The most important items of hotel furniture


  • Multi-metal furniture, which is aluminum, wrought iron and stainless steel.
  • Wooden furniture, which is common and widely used in most hotels, as well as in the interior furniture of the hotel, and there are many different types of wood that can be used in outdoor furniture, but the best of them is red beech wood, and it is the best and most famous of all, then followed by, teak wood, beech pine wood, Roman beech wood .
  • Mesh furniture It is one of the most important types of furniture used in hotels, as imported mesh is used to manufacture outdoor furniture with a wood or metal frame.
  • Rope furniture, which is a structure made of wood or metal, and it is braided with types of ropes, whether imported or local, and it is treated against the sun, moisture and corrosion.
  • Rattan furniture is the most popular and widespread type of outdoor furniture, as it is made of electrostatically greased iron, braided with Bertan Bio, treated against rust, sun, moisture and corrosion.


The most important outdoor accessories 


  • Colorful lanterns with illumination hung on the walls.
  • A small waterfall from which water flows into a small pond in the ground.
  • Concealed floor lighting is directed on the plant to appear attractive.
  • Swings, as it is loved by many, whether young or old, and helps to relax and enjoy the adults, and to spend an abstaining time and fun for the children.
  • Outdoor candles are used on hotel windows to give a beautiful, relaxing and attractive appearance, and are also used for heat.
  • A large heater used in the winter for cold times.
  • A grill used to make a barbecue party in the garden and outdoors, and this beautiful and attractive atmosphere.
  • Small pots made of pottery hanging on trees and walls with multi-colored roses and attractive and comfortable colors.