Types of modern and classic garden tables

 It is pleasant to sit in a garden and enjoy its beautiful atmosphere, and this will only be done by providing suitable outdoor furniture. There is no doubt that the table or table as it is known is one of the most important furniture that must be available in gardens, whether it is public gardens and parks or home gardens, because it is one of Among the furniture that must be available, as it will help you spend more and more enjoyable time to enjoy the fresh air and receive and welcome guests. When choosing furniture, you must focus on many important points, including elegant appearance, quality, and the material used in the industry, so you must know the best types of tables Modern and classic gardens.


Types of modern and classic garden tables


Therefore, after knowing the usefulness of tables in gardens, you should know their types, as they consist of many different types and the raw materials used in their manufacture differ, and their designs and shapes differ. Here are the best types of modern and classic garden tables.


Types of modern and classic tables used in gardens


 Wooden tables


It is the most famous of all, as it is common in public gardens and home gardens, and it is the most abundant type of table, as it is easy to move from one place to another due to its small size and somewhat light weight, and it is multi-shaped with many shapes, all of which are beautiful and suitable for gardens, especially If it is of wooden colors, its shapes differ, as there are wooden tables in a circular shape, oval shape, and a straight shape, and they are sometimes made of recycled wood, and most of the time they are made of red beech wood, Roman red beech wood, and beech pine wood ( dear wood).


plastic tables


As plastic tables are among the most popular types of tables and are made of strong plastic in order to bear heavy weights, they are characterized by their light weight, and are easy to move from one place to another without any trouble or effort, and plastic tables also give an aesthetic touch to gardens due to the abundance and variety of colors used in coating them, which gives joy for the place.


Iron tables


These types of iron are characterized by their high strength and hardness that can bear heavy weights, and they are distinguished by their many colors that give the place a joy and an aesthetic touch, but they are somewhat heavy as it is difficult to transport them from one place to another and will be a burden on those who carry them due to the weight of their size, just as iron, despite We at Oscar Rattan paint it with electrostatic paint that is resistant to rust, but it has a shorter life span than some other types, and it may be affected by weather factors and interact with them, whether it is sun or rain, which makes them lose their luster and beauty.


Aluminum tables


It is relatively better than iron, due to its light weight and ease of transportation from one place to another without burden or trouble, and it does not rust like iron and is not affected by the weather or the surrounding factors such as sun and rain, and as it is known that aluminum tables are more expensive than made tables It is made of iron, which forces you to pay more money, but you will definitely get a better quality, as the tables made of aluminum will definitely last longer than the tables made of iron, after knowing the types of tables used in gardens, you can choose the best types of modern and classic garden tables with ease.


Finally, after we presented to you the importance of tables in gardens, whether they are public gardens or home gardens, as they are indispensable in any garden due to the assistance they provide to their users, and give the place an aesthetic touch and joy with its unique colors and splendor.


As we learned about the types of tables used in gardens, there are many different types of tables, where the most famous types of these tables are slate tables, plastic tables, and iron tables, and thus we may have provided you with modern and classic garden tables.