Types of wood used in furniture

Types of wood used in furniture


Wood is considered one of the most important natural resources, as it is used in many industries, including the manufacture of furniture, musical instruments, paper, and charcoal. Wooden furniture is also used as an insulating material in construction works, due to its ease of processing.



Characteristics of the wood used in Furniture


When you buy new furniture, you must choose the best types of wood that are characterized by high quality and long-term use, so we offer you the types of wood used in furniture:

natural wood


This wood does not interfere with human existence, but it is found through trees in the forests, and among the most important features of natural wood:

  • Ease of forming panels and using them for several purposes.
  • Wood is easy to obtain as it is obtained from trees and does not require processing.
  • Natural wood is characterized by durability, hardness, durability, and resistance to moisture and environmental factors.


types of natural wood


There are several types of natural wood that are used for many purposes, including:

  • beech

Beech wood is one of the most important types of wood that is used in the manufacture of furniture. This type is characterized by its hardness, durability, and distinctive shapes, in addition to its resistance to water and rust, and it is used in lampposts and tables.

  • musky wood

This type is one of the most important types that are used in the manufacture of home furniture such as reception rooms and bedrooms.

  • walnut

This type of wood has a density with a soft texture, and is characterized by hardness and durability. It is available in attractive brown and light and dark brown shades.

  • Mahogany wood

Mahogany wood is high temperatures and resistant to water and environmental factors such as rust and moisture. It is used in home designs and decorations as well as making musical instruments.

  • Oak wood

It is made of the most luxurious, rare pieces of art of value. It is also one of the best types of wood used in furniture, the most difficult to shape and the most durable. It also gives the walls touches of elegance and beauty.

  • pine

Pine wood is one of the most important wooden furniture as it is used in construction work, and it is characterized by its rapid growth and longevity, because it has its strength and hardness.


There are many places in Egypt that are famous for the furniture industry, such as the city of Damietta, because it is characterized by a large number of private workshops for the furniture and wood industry.


How do you make sure of the quality of furniture and wood before buying?


Before buying wooden furniture, you must make sure of some things, including:

  • Timber quality

Different types of wood must be used when manufacturing furniture, and solid wood does not show any voids inside and out.

  • joints

The joints must be attached to each other through nails, glue and stapling, and the quality of the joints is cut and molded to match perfectly with the piece of furniture.

  • External wood veneer 

The thickness of the outer timber shall be 3 mm, and the veneer shall be used as an outer layer to hide the used wood of good quality.

  • Not wobble

When buying a table or sofa, he must make sure that it is completely stable, and that it is made of wood or strong metal.

Wooden furniture is one of the best furniture because it is characterized by its strength and solidity, as well as its long life, and its price is suitable for all classes of customers.