Prices of chairs for cafes and restaurants in Egypt 2022

Prices of chairs for cafes and restaurants in Egypt


In this article, we discuss the prices of chairs for cafes and restaurants in Egypt, where we present their advantages and disadvantages and the best places to sell them in Egypt, so that you can buy the best chairs, which is the first and most important step for the appearance of your ambition with an attractive and elegant appearance, and it is also an important step to attract customers because they need comfortable and attractive chairs, so If you want to know the best prices for chairs used in cafes and restaurants in Egypt, follow this article to the end.

The types of chairs differ, as there are several types:

  • Sponge covered dining chair.
  • Simple velvet chair.
  • Walnut wood dining chair.
  • Scandinavian style wooden dining chair.
  • Luxury hotel chair.
  • Modern metal bar chair with high quality multicolor metal legs. 
  • Luxurious leather chairs.

And since the appearance of your restaurant appears from the quality and strength of the chairs and the decoration of your restaurant, here we will explain to you how to choose the chairs. The seat of the chair is about 40 to 45 centimeters off the ground, and its length is supposed to reach 50 centimeters, and its width is 40 centimeters, also the height of its back is 85 Centimeters up to 95 centimeters off the ground.

After that, you must know the differences and details between the chairs, choose the best among them, and comfort must come first, and then we will explain Prices of chairs for cafes and restaurants in Egypt:

  • It is preferable to choose chairs with a curve to take the shape of the back and provide sufficient comfort.
  • The seat should not be tight.
  • Pay attention to the quality of the materials in terms of fabrics or wood in order to comfortably bear heavy weights and high loads.
  • To have a movable neck support in the back.
  • Provides an armrest.
  • Choose the appropriate chair design for your restaurant or cafe according to the interior decoration of your restaurant or cafe.
  • Take space into consideration when selecting or purchasing used chairs for your restaurant or café.
  • The choice of comfort is the most important and should be put in the first place.


Features of restaurant and cafeteria chairs

There are advantages and disadvantages to chairs in restaurants and cafes, especially leather chairs, that you must take into consideration. When buying, here are the advantages of chairs used in cafes and restaurants in Egypt:

  • It resists moisture and does not corrode easily.
  • It holds external materials from dust and pollution, and does not allow animal hair to stick to it.
  • The leather is naturally fire-resistant, so it does not ignite easily.
  • Stain resistant as it is not affected by spilled drinks.
  • Tensile strength as the leather is elastic.

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 Disadvantages of chairs used in cafes and restaurants in Egypt 

Despite the many advantages that we mentioned about restaurant and cafe chairs in Egypt, there are some disadvantages, which are as follows: 

  •  Too much sitting leads to sweating. 
  • Leather absorbs heat so in summer the chairs absorb heat and are hard to sit on.

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 Prices of chairs for cafes and restaurants in Egypt 

The prices of chairs vary according to their type, shape, and size, as well as the materials used in manufacturing these chairs, and the extent of their strength and endurance. You must be careful during the purchase in choosing a good type and shape, taking into account the appropriate space, raw materials, and materials from which they are made, by following our previous advice. 

At the end of the article, we showed you the prices of cafe and restaurant chairs in Egypt. We also presented the advantages and disadvantages of cafe and restaurant chairs in Egypt, which must be taken into account during the purchase.