Buffet 120x45cm - OVCH-012
Buffet 120x45cm - OVCH-012
Buffet 120x45cm - OVCH-012
Buffet 120x45cm - OVCH-012

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LE 5,707.69
LE 9,275.00
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Prepare your home buffet with elegance and distinction with a special buffet from Oscar Rattan. Material: white and beige MDF storage cabinet Dimensions: width 120 cm - depth 45 cm - height 80 cm Delivery within 14 working days One year against manufacturing defects

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  • 36" deck with waffle non-slip deck 
  • 7" Reverse Kingpin A-grade 356 cast aluminium powder-coated trucks 
  • 66mm 78A polyurethane wheels 
  • Premium Abec 7 stainless steel bearings 
  • High tensile bolts 
  • 36" L x 9 1/2" W / 91.4cm L x 24.1cm W 
  • 25" wheel base
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The Perfect


Specifically designed for riders looking for their first board to take to the park or learn to skate street. At 31 
inches, the deck is a classic traditional skateboard making it the perfect size to learn on. Adults and 
advanced skaters looking for a smaller ride will have had a blast on this board also.

Around Newbies

Designed this board for those who want to learn to skate a variety of disciplines from skate parks and to street tricks. As a true 7ply 31" skate deck, this board is the perfect board to learn to push, ollie and carve. It works great in skate parks, driveways and city sidewalks.


Tested a lot of different shapes and sizes of skateboards for new riders. We found that the traditional size and shape, around 31 inches long and 8 inches wide, is the perfect setup for most new riders under 201 lbs. This is the perfect first skateboard for the aspiring skater in your life!

Made Different

Made Different

Made Different

Made Different

Frequently Asked Questions

What age range will this board work for?

Beginners might prefer wider and more stable boards, while experienced riders may have specific preferences based on their style and the type of skating they enjoy

Do I Have To Assemble Anything Before It's Ready To Ride?

Yes, typically, skateboards are sold as separate components, and some assembly is required before they are ready to ride. Here are the main components of a skateboard:
  • Deck: This is the flat board that you stand on. Decks come in various sizes and shapes.
  • Trucks: These are the metal T-shaped pieces that are mounted to the underside of the deck. Trucks hold the wheels and allow you to turn.
  • Wheels: Skateboard wheels come in different sizes and hardness levels. Softer wheels provide more grip, while harder wheels are better for sliding.
  • Bearings: Bearings are small metal rings that fit inside the wheels, allowing them to spin smoothly.
  • Grip Tape: This is a coarse, sandpaper-like material that is applied to the top of the deck for traction.
  • Hardware: These are the nuts and bolts used to attach the trucks to the deck.

What Is The Maximum Weight Rating For The Board?

The weight capacity of a skateboard can vary depending on the specific components and construction of the skateboard. In general, most standard skateboards are designed to support riders weighing up to 200 to 250 pounds (90 to 113 kilograms). However, it's essential to check the specifications of the particular skateboard you are interested in, as weight ratings can vary among different brands and models.

How Much Does The Board Weigh?

The weight of a skateboard can vary depending on the specific components used and the type of skateboard. Generally, the weight of a standard skateboard without additional accessories or modifications is around 4 to 5 pounds (1.8 to 2.3 kilograms).

Can This Board Be Used For Tricks?

The ability to use a skateboard for tricks depends on various factors, including the skateboard's design, components, and your skill level as a rider. In general, most skateboards are designed to be versatile and can be used for a wide range of tricks, including ollies, kickflips, grinds, and more.