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7 of Collections and Prices of Cafe Chairs in Egypt

In this article, we explain the types of chairs used in cafes in Egypt, and we also show some advantages, disadvantages, and tips when you buying your own cafe chair in Egypt. You must first choose the comfort and then the appropriate size for the size of cafe, so that the place does not become narrow, then choose the appropriate color And the appropriate design that is in line with the interior design and interior decoration of the café site, in order to achieve a degree of balance and harmony in your café, and then you can determine the best prices for café chairs in Egypt.

cafe chairs prices in egypt

Types of chairs used in cafes:

In addition, you should know the types of chairs that are usually used in cafes in Egypt. You will determine the prices of cafe chairs in Egypt with ease and comfort. Here are some types of cafe chairs in Egypt:

  • Beech wood chair.
  • Wooden chair from Beech Pinewood.
  • Simple metal chair.
  • Luxurious pure rattan chairs.
  • Metal bar stool with multicolored metal legs.
  • Scandinavian designer wooden chair.
  • Luxury design hotel chair.

In addition to knowing the types of chairs that you can use in your cafe, you must know how to choose the appropriate chair for your cafe, and you must also take into account the space as it controls your choice of the appropriate chair size for your place, so as not to cause constraints in the place, Here is the best way to know the size of the chairs that can be used in cafes in Egypt, as the size of the chair is one of the factors controlling the prices of cafe chairs in Egypt.

Sizes of chairs used in cafes:

It is common to find the height of the seat of the chair ranging from 40 to 45 centimeters from the ground, and it is possible to find a length of up to 50 centimeters, and a width of 40 to 50 centimeters, and you will find that the height of the back of the chair is from 15 centimeters to 95 centimeters in height from The earth’s surface.

Just as comfort is the most important and first factor in choosing your cafe chair, here are some tips for choosing suitable and comfortable cafe chairs

Tips for choosing a comfortable chair:

  • The chair should not be tight
  • It is better to choose a chair with a curve that takes the shape of a curved back in order to provide sufficient comfort for those who use it.
  • Pay attention to the quality of the materials the chair is made of, whether it is the type of fabric, the type of wood, or the type of leather used,
  • because all of them are factors of comfort in the chair.
  • Choose a chair with high durability to bear large and high weights without any problem, so you must choose high-quality manufacturing materials.
  • The chair should have an armrest for the convenience of the user.
  • Availability of a neck rest for better comfort.
  • Take the space of your café into account and in the first place, so that the general view appears consistent and beautiful and the place is not narrow to the large size of the chairs used in your café.

After knowing the best types of chairs that you can use in cafes in Egypt, and presenting some tips and specifications of a good and comfortable chair, which you can choose in order to provide comfort to your customers and make them happy with the experience in your cafe, so that they come back again to you, now you can determine the prices of cafe chairs in Egypt Easily.

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